Our Mission

Our mission is to provide access to senior and post secondary education to marginalised, socially and economically disadvantaged Nepali youth who otherwise would not have the financial means to fulfil their educational goals. 

FONAI views higher education as a catalyst, an agent of change for individuals, families and communities.

To succeed in our mission we:

  • Promote and provide financial support for senior and post secondary education via an education scholarship program
  • Assure that students have all the information and support necessary to make sound educational and financial decisions about their futures
  • Lead a collaborative network of educational partners aligned to support student selection, preparation, transition and persistence to course completion.

Statement of Ethical Principles

Friends of Nepal-Adelaide Inc is committed to:

  • Removing financial barriers for severely disadvantaged Nepalese to access education.
  • Prioritising funding allocation so it goes where it is most needed.
  • Being aware of the issues affecting students and advocating for their interests, particularly girls.
  • Supporting efforts to encourage all students, to aspire to and plan for education beyond high school.
  • Respecting the dignity and protecting the privacy of students, and ensuring the confidentiality of student records and personal circumstances.
  • The highest level of ethical behaviour and professionalism.
  • Respectful collaboration with our key stakeholders.
  • Conducting annual reviews of all programs to ensure the best outcomes for students.


  • FONAI committee manages the daily operations in Australia.
  • FESSHIP Education Manager manages daily operations in Nepal.
  • Audits of our Australian and Nepali accounts are completed as per required regulations in both countries.